Friday, 17 February 2012


...well good cause to today.  COMMON YELLOWTHROAT showing to the masses.  The bird was highly mobile and fed regularly and people followed it as most folk would do.  Didnt see any overly adverse behaviour, certainly seen a lot worse.  The bird creeped around low down in hedges and crept out into the grass to feed on the ground with occasional darting flights along the hedge and was easily lost even with a hundred or so watching it.  It ranged around 4 or 5 fields.  It acted a bit like a Cetti's or Dunnock; a bit flittery.  Thanks to CJ for driving and good luck for those going over the weekend.  We had the Ibis in Borth on way back still in field north of Community Centre in the town.
Best D-scoped Shots:

Orderly twitch site! Bird was just right of firs but in corner of field. Cheers

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  1. Wow, what a bird, looks like you had good views and what a bonus to get on film as well.