Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Rose-coloured Starling and Chiffchaff

Managed to catch up with the RCS at Holyhead on Tuesday morning.  Had to wait for ~ an hour for the bird to appear on the playing field off Bryn Glas Road.  It is a bit uncomfortable birding there, with it being a residential area.  Mind you, at least the playing field was empty (other than RCS, Starlings and a couple of Herring Gulls)  - might be even more of an uncomfortable place to be walking around with optics at the weekend!

Single Chiffchaff in the marshy area at Soldier's point, with Grey Wagtail and Water Rail also.  There is an interesting article on wintering Chiffchaff at sewage works (plus 2 YBWs) on the BTO website at:  Only a short article and worth a read if you have a spare moment.


  1. Can't beat a deckchair for those uncomfortable urban birding moments.

    If worried about being recognised lurking with binoculars I find that a good balaclava is really useful...


  2. I agree with Martin - I saw the RCS on Sunday from the car window having spent an hour chasing starling in the car around the estates - not a good suggestion!

  3. Can you tell me is the RCS a juvenile or an adult.